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Official Stunt Stand® Device

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Safely take your skills to the next level with the official patented cheerleading Stunt Stand® device. Hand-simulating grips and adjustable inserts allow any level of flyer to learn the correct technique of stunting safely on the ground. Learn more below...

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Inventor shares the WHY behind inventing the Stunt Stand® device.

Patented Cheerleading Flyer Balance Training Equipment

"My Stunt Stand® has helped me climb through the cheer levels from Level Mini 2 when I was just 6 to making a Worlds team as a flyer at the age of 12! It is the only device that teaches spinning technique and gives you the strongest core, which is essential as a flyer."
-Avaryana Adkirson

Safely Practice ANY Stunt
No dangerous metal or wood. 100% Plastic and rubber.

Get the Results you Deserve
With 5 adjustable inserts, you can practice level 1 to level 5 stunts with ease!

Practice Rotating Skills
Practice full-ups and half-ups, while learning complete body control. (Spinning insert included)

Free Apple App Download
Download the App on the Apple Store (Not available in Google Play Store)!

Video Playback
Record yourself practicing your stunts, and play it back for a full review.

Receive Instant Feedback
Get immediate feedback on your balance and weight distribution while stunting!

Improve Flexibility
Perfect for at home or on-the-go stretching. Use any door to achieve deep stretches to increase your flexibility.

Stretch for Any Position
Heel stretches, arabesques, scorpions, scales, needles, and more can all be practiced with ease.


Travel-Friendly & Portable Design
Whether you’re at home or preparing for a big performance, this travel-friendly strap is easy to take wherever you go!

5 Easy-to-Grab Loops
Our 5 hand loops make it easier than ever before to safely and effectively pull your body positions.

Gain Core Strength
Great for core workouts, these disc sliders are designed to glide across any surface.

Travel-Friendly & Portable
The portable design allows you to workout anywhere, anytime!

Injury Prevention
Help prevent injuries by improving your ankle/wrist strength!

Travel-Friendly & Portable
The portable design allows you to workout anywhere, anytime!