Official Stunt Stand® Device - Flyer Balance and Training Stand
The Official Stunt Stand Device
The Official Stunt Stand Device
The Official Stunt Stand Device

The Official Stunt Stand Device

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Stand Color - Free Bag Included

Key Product Advantages:

  • SAFELY Practice ANY Stunt for ANY AGE Absolutely NO dangerous metal or wood.
  • Teaches CORRECT Stunting Technique Learn to Lock-Out & Lift-Up which GUARANTEES Results.
  • Build Up Critical Muscle Strength Practice the muscle-building repetition similar to a driving range golf or batting cage for baseball -- but instead -- Gain the muscles needed to be held 6 feet in the air with your leg over your head!
  • Practice Spinning/360 Stunts Safely practice body control and awareness for rotating stunts safely on the ground

What's Included With Your Purchase:

  • Stunt Stand® Base Unit - Non-slip pads, quality material, patented design!
  • 5 Adjustable Inserts - Use it forever! You can make it harder as you get better!
  • Stunt Stand® Carrying Bag - Take it to friends' houses, the beach, anywhere!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Try it Today, 100% Risk-Free!
Inventor shares the WHY behind inventing the Stunt Stand® device.

Give Your Flyer the Gift of Safety and Success!

"My Stunt Stand® has helped me climb through the cheer levels from Level Mini 2 when I was just 6 to making a Worlds team as a flyer at the age of 12! It is the only device that teaches spinning technique and gives you the strongest core, which is essential as a flyer." -Avaryana Adkirson