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Travel Stretch Strap

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Stretch on the Go!

The 5-Loops of our Stunt Stand™ stretching strap allows for easier use while trying to practice your body positions before going into the air! Work on your scorpions, bow and arrows, heel stretches, and more! Stretch both legs for perfect stunts in the air!

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Product Features

Travel-Friendly & Portable Design
Whether you’re at home or preparing for a big performance, this travel-friendly strap is easy to take wherever you go!

Easily Attach to Your Foot
The slip knot makes it easy and convenient to securely attach the strap to your foot.

5 easy-to-grab Loops
Our 5 hand loops make it easier than ever before to safely and effectively pull your body positions.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't love it within the first 30-days, return it for your money back, GUARANTEED!