About Stunt Stand

Have you ever seen a cheerleader practice their stunts on the side of a couch, or maybe even on a can?

Standing on Coke cans – yes you read that correctly. It’s a cheap method to work on stunts, but also extremely dangerous and it wasn’t very effective.

From there, Stunt Stand was born out of necessity to create a safer alternative to practice cheer.

My name is Willis Yehl, and I was a collegiate cheerleader. After testing many prototypes with my partner, we were able to create the Stunt Stand® training device.

We used a mold of my hands in the shape of how I would hold a foot in the air. Then after some trial and error, our device was ready for my teammates.

Stunt Stand Hand Mold

The Original Hand Molds For Stunt Stand Grips

Soon after, we received a lot of requests from friends and some of the local gyms to create more. So we set-up shop and started the Stunt Stand® brand.

I’d love to show you more about the device, so I put together a video for you.


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