How to Do a Needle

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How to Do A Needle

*DISCLAIMER: Please consult an instructor or medical professional before attempting any exercise routine.*

How To Pull The Needle Position

One of the most dramatic and difficult moves in cheer is the “needle.” By balancing on one leg, you stretch the opposite leg behind you until it sticks out along your neck as a needle shape.
Your arms support the lifted leg by grabbing onto the calf behind your head.
The needle cheer stunt requires concentration, extensive stretching and spotting during your learning period.

Don’t confuse the needle with a scorpion cheer move.
They look similar, but the cheerleading scorpion requires a curve to your lifted leg.
The cheerleading needle forces you to keep the leg as close to your torso as possible.
If you’re wondering how to do a needle, your cheer coach can give you all of the safest steps.
Use your cheer stunt stand to practice those critical stretches before trying any needle positions.
The needle is definitely an advanced move that draws in the crowds and excites the fans.

Recommended Stretches

Back: Bridge Sequence, Snail Stretch

Legs: Split Sequence – Both Legs, Pull Needle on Floor.

Arms: Shoulder Stretch

How to Pull the Position:

Step 1: Balance weight on right leg using your core.

Step 2: Grab toe of left leg with left hand.

Step 3: Grab shin with right hand.

Step 4: Transition left hand onto shin.

Step 5: Straighten leg.

Most Common Mistakes:

Mistake #1: Bending your bottom leg’s knee.

Mistake #2: Not breathing.

Mistake #3: Grabbing your toe the wrong way.

Mistake #4: Trying to pull a needle from a scorpion.

Heel Stretch Body Position Recap

In the Needle Body cheerleading stunt, the flyer in a swift kick backward holds one leg extended, straightened behind their body, while standing upright on the other leg.
Flexibility, balance, and strength are all essential to perform the needle body stunt.

How to Pull the Position:

Balance weight on the right leg using your core.
Grab toe of left foot with the left hand. Grab chin with the right hand. Transition left hand onto the chin. Straighten leg.

Improving Your Heel Stretch

While practicing the Needle Body position, observe yourself in a mirror or have a friend video your technique and spot you appropriately.
To develop flexibility, balance, and strength and improve one’s needle body positioning, the back, legs and arms must be adequately flexible.
For your back: Bridge Sequence, Snail Stretch. Legs: Split Sequence – Both Legs, Pull Needle on Floor. Arms: Shoulder Stretch


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