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Voted #1 Cheerleading Stunt Device To Improve Stunts, Guaranteed.

"My daughter competed for her school's cheerleading team and won the national stunt competition award for her school! She was a total beginner before we bought the Stunt Stand."

-Tiffany E. from Texas
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Perfect your stunts with this Award-Winning - Best New Product of the Year - cheerleading Stunt Stand® device. By using feedback from the top cheerleaders & coaches experience, the Stunt Stand® is designed to improve your cheer stunts -- Guaranteed. BEFORE being lifted 6 feet in the air in someone's hands, get the crucial repetition needed to improve your daughter's stunts for half the training time needed with a personal trainer! Decrease the risk of injuries and gain body control, body awareness, and even practice your rotating skills while spinning 360 degrees!

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Work? 

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


WHEN & WHY was the Stunt Stand® created?

The original Stunt Stand® was first made back in 2010. I was a collegiate cheerleader and my flyers were looking for a way to practice alone because our class schedules did not allow for us to practice together every day.  I noticed all the products on the market taught flyers to balance in their ankle, instead of locking out and lifting up and that is where I decided to make the ultimate stunt training device that taught the proper technique of stunting. I wanted a way to be able to challenge the more advanced flyers and adjustable to fit any skill level of flyer. 

We have perfected the design and have an extensive training library ready to take you from level 1 up to level 5 stunts safely from your home BEFORE being lifted in the air. It is truly the perfect tool to learn correct stunting techniques both inside and outside of practice.  

It gives you the ability to practice stunts by yourself without having to use bases saving money on costly private lessons while still teaching the correct technique of locking out and lifting up, NOT balancing in your bases hands.  We have sold the Stunt Stand® in over 50 countries and have attended events over the past 10 years educating the market on why the Stunt Stand® guarantees results.

Is Stunt Stand® SAFE TO USE at home?

Yes, it is completely safe to use at home! With rubber non-slip pads on the bottom, you can safely practice on any surface!

WHAT AGE is best to use the Stunt Stand®?

Stunt Stand is made for all ages, and all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional.

You can use the Stunt Stand to learn and perfect your stunts at any level of difficulty thanks to the patented adjustable grips.

Which BODY POSITIONS OR STUNTS can be practiced on the Stunt Stand?

This tool was designed to help improve your cheer stunts by allowing you to practice ANY stunt safely on the ground.  Get the crucial repetition needed to improve your stunts BEFORE being lifted up 6 feet in the air in someone's hands.

Decrease the risk of injuries and gain body control, body awareness, and even practice your rotating skills while spinning 360 degrees!

Will my athlete know HOW to use it?

We have created a video library to help walk your athlete through how-to-use the product with our online instructional videos and they WILL get RESULTS regardless of their age or skill level!

How can we GUARANTEE results ?

I have been training flyers for over 10 years. The thing that separates bad flyers vs the BEST flyers is their ability to LOCK OUT and LIFT UP. Ask any cheer coach what locking out and lifting up means for a flyer and they KNOW. Locking out, means squeezing their muscles tight and lifting up. Which muscles? EVERY muscle!! That's what makes it so difficult to achieve.

The Stunt Stand® focuses on giving them a way to make it EASY when they first start out and HARDER as they progress in their stunting. Because it teaches the correct technique, we can guarantee that if your athlete uses it, you will see results.

What MAKES THIS DIFFERENT than a piece of wood, balance ball, spring loaded trainer? 

(Sorry in advance, this is my FAVORITE question, lol)

The wood is fine, as long as you don't fall down on it and hurt yourself. It FAILS whenever you master standing on the flat surface and want to be challenged further -- It has ONE adjustment -- SUPER EASY and that's it.

The balance balls and any spring loaded trainer are GREAT for strengthening ankle muscles, but HORRIBLE for teaching the proper technique of stunting. Imagine holding the foot of a flyer and their foot moving around in your hand while they are in your hands. You will NEVER be able to balance them. This is the opposite of "LOCKING OUT" because they are constantly moving their foot trying to BALANCE themselves.

You don't want the flyer to BALANCE, you simply want them to keep their weight over their center of gravity and LIFT UP (think of it like holding a broomstick in the air -- Easy because it is not moving around -- Now try that with a pool noodle -- Good luck).

This is where the Stunt Stand® comes in to play. 5 Patented Adjustable Inserts that allow for ENDLESS amounts of DIFFICULTY -- From the easiest, to the most difficult settings. You can practice squeezing your ankle muscles tight WITHOUT movement in your foot or ankle and practice pulling the body position while keeping your leg locked and chest up.

This ability to practice the right technique of squeezing the muscles and NOT moving them to balance is what allows us to GUARANTEE results.

Think of it like the world's best batting cage or driving range in golf. This is EXACTLY how you should do it in the air, not BALANCING like other products try to say are good for stunting.

Don't take my word for it -- ask any cheer coach that has held a flyer's foot moving around in their hand and they will agree -- trust me.

What happens when my spouse asks (FLIPS OUT ON) me about THE COST?

Just ask them if they want to be held up 6 feet in the air and pull their leg over their head WITHOUT any practice. You don't practice baseball or golf by swinging a stick, why practice stunting while standing on the ground WITHOUT any adjustments to improve?

You can guarantee them that your athlete will use it for a month with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Have them use it for ONLY 30 minutes a day and that is already 15 HOURS of training in the FIRST month! 180 hours if they did it for a year. That's less than $2/hr to train with the BEST equipment on the market. I almost forgot to mention..

You can EASILY resell our product to any flyer at the gym for at least $100 (Heck, you would buy one yourself if someone had it for $100 right now), so really you would only be out $150 and she got the HOURS worth of practice and improvement on it -- in the yard, at the beach, in their room, in the living room, not on the couch, not on a wobbly chair, and not getting hurt; which is the most important.

WILL IT BREAK? How long is it going to last?

We designed this thing to be indestructible by human weight. Your dad, cousin, brother, ANYONE can stand on the Stunt Stand® without it budging. We actually tried breaking it one time at a metal scrap yard and couldn't get it to break. We put over 1,000 pounds on it (estimated by the # of sheets of thick metal that the fork lift set on it). Long story short -- It is super HIGH QUALITY material and we do not take a risk in our manufacturing process.

The Stunt Stand® will be with your athlete for the course of their athletic career and it can be passed on to future athletes by either re-selling it or gifting it to your gym to help other flyers. You have heard of the Stunt Stand® brand because our products are made to last, just like our dedication to helping your athlete achieve success. We will be by your side every step of the way and help in any way possible.

What is the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

We know that once your athlete starts training on the Stunt Stand® and begins to safely see results this won't even be a thought in your mind... BUT for the ones on the fence about purchasing, this is for you!

Simply send it back to us within the first 30 days and we will issue you a refund for the product. No restocking fees, or hassles.

This happens so rarely that we don't mind putting our customer's minds at rest and allowing them to try out the best in stunt training equipment, 100% RISK-FREE

Good Coaches = Teach Technique
Muscle & Flexibility = Elite Flyers
Proven Products = Guaranteed Results

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